When do YOU start working on YOUR summer body?

Why wait till March when you can start in December
The year is winding down and with all the festive activities, people’s desire and motivation to exercise and make healthy eating choices is reduced. But its also the best time to start working on improving your mental and physical state. This is when the saying “summer bodies are made in winter” applies, which sounds cliche but true. I believe that starting early is the key to successfully achieving your fitness goals if you’re aiming for summer.

Why wait till March or April when you can start in December or January, because starting early means you can take your time and slowly put yourself in a position to succeed. One of the biggest mistakes people make is packing on a lot of unhealthy weight between November and February and they try to lose it all through fad diet plans and untrustworthy trainers that are helping you, just to get a quick dollar.

Heading back to the gym is the obvious way to get back in shape during the winter,but its not the only way. Full body workouts in the comfort of your own home, are just as effective in helping you achieve the look you want. Of course, good eating habits are equally as important as going to the gym or doing full body workouts at home. To be honest, its difficult to have a clean diet during this period that’s why i would recommend one to two cheat days a week.

Here are some exercises I perform at home especially during the holiday period
-Mountain Climbers
-Jumping Jacks
-Squat Jumps
-Jump Lunges