What is the best way to lose body fat?

What Is the Best Way to Lose Body Fat?

Honestly, there’s no simple answer to this question. Everyone is different and we all respond differently to various diet and exercise programs.

In general, the activities that use almost all muscle groups at the same time, burn more fat and calories. It is therefore best suited for fat loss than non-weight bearing activities that don’t use many muscles groups.

Most people that decide to start their fitness journey don’t push themselves hard enough, its probably one of the most common mistakes they make when they decide to embark on this fitness journey.

I’m talking about the level of intensity when performing any physical activity in the gym or at home. The level of intensity will vary based on age, health and other factors, but I believe that if you’re able to increase your intensity while doing any exercise routine, you’ll maximize the total amount of calories and fat burned.

 More calories and fat are burnt overall when doing high intensity workouts and you’ll lose more weight quicker as the intensity increases.

To decrease body fat percentage, increase the intensity of your exercise routine with short rest periods. This is called short-term interval training.

Interval training is a very good way to perform high intensity exercise routines that help you burn excess fat and calories.

The best way to decrease total body fat composition is by combining both strength training (weight training) and aerobic or endurance (cardio training) exercise.

However, aerobic or endurance exercises have a greater impact on fat loss than strength training alone. This is the method many fitness professionals use to drastically alter their appearance in a short period of time and when you include a well-balanced diet, the results are absolutely jaw dropping.


The top three strength training exercises are squats, deadlifts and the bench press for gym enthusiasts and for non-gym goers, the top three home exercises I recommend are burpees, jumping lunges and jumping squats.

There are tons of aerobic or cardio exercises that burn fat and I recommend the stair master, treadmill and battle-ropes.

It’s sometimes difficult to find time to exercise and trust me I know that feeling, especially when you’re a working professional, family man or woman or you work really long hours.

If you have that time to spare, you should definitely push your body to see how far it goes and if you absolutely don’t have any time to exercise, maintaining a well-balanced food regimen will still give you some amazing results.

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